We investigated the Rubicon Theatre, (originally a church) in Ventura, CA. with guest investigator Susan to guide the way. While little was captured in way of K2 meters or EMF’s, personal experiences were.

During the investigation we heard what sounded like an echo of a child’s voice and upon reviewing the evidence (both caught on film and digital voice recorder), the disembodied child’s voice clearly says the name “Margaret”; Brandon’s grandma’s name, who passed three years ago. We also successfully captured several male and female voices but the one voice that we least expected to hear (if that sounds normal!) was that of of our investigators sister, who had passed away in February…clearly sending a birthday message to her son “Adam” on his birthday!

The Rubicon Theatre was originally built as a church and another evp that we captured told us to “look in the closet for a cross”, beckoning for us to continue our investigation there. We will. Thanks Rubicon!

Ojai Parnaormal Investigators at the Rubicon Theatre, Ventura, CA 2012