We were very excited and honored to be able to investigate at a local Funeral Home and we were in the right place at the right time!

Jill kept saying during the investigation that it felt like it was a funeral that hadn’t happened yet!

Jo and Brandon heard a disembodied older female voice humming and when we asked her name she told us! While it was
a quick response neither of us wanted to get her name wrong but we thought it sounded like Rebecca.

We asked the Funeral Director if the name Rebecca meant anything, he said no…but he would check something.

At the end of the investigation he confirmed that we were so close on the woman’s name…a woman that had passed that they had just brought in an hour and a half ago…by the name of Roberta!

EVP’s also confirm that she said Roberta and if you listen closely at the end of Part 2, you will hear her saying “You got it” and “Roberta” before the Funeral Director discloses her first name.

We caught many Class A EVP’s, but please note that you may need headphones to hear most of them as we do not amplify our findings.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators Funeral Home Part 1 & 2