Everyday wondrous things happen
They are meant to touch our soul
To remind us we are never really alone

Within the past year, Ojai Paranormal Investigators have been capturing an average of three Class A EVP’s per minute. Spirits are communicating, answering questions…laughing with us…but most importantly giving specific messages to their families letting them know they are okay, giving names, including coming through the same way they sounded here…so their voices are recognized by their family as well. Most importantly…they come through with unconditional love and affirmation that they aren’t far away.

The recordings you are about to here are real.
None have been altered.

While these messages are specific for the families that we investigate…they are also samplings of how they come through without judgement but with unconditional love, and the hopes that we will start to forgive ourselves for regrets, guilt or anger we may feel…and start to heal.

Miracles Big and Small…Spirits surround us with unconditional love