The next step in our Spiritual Evolution Journey may be understanding that everything we do,say and think really matters.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators have evidence that Spirits can read our thoughts and answer our questions!

While we are not being judged, we all receive messages of unconditional love and sometimes even apologies from our family and loved ones. Angelic Realms give us messages too as they try to guide and assist us in making the right choices, giving us support during difficult times and celebrating during happy ones as well.

Keep your heart and soul open and even if you can’t hear them or record them…the simplicity of their guidance and answers to your questions will be evident. There is no secret or mystery per seĀ“, it is coming from a Heavenly source of pure and unconditional love regardless of spiritual belief or religious affiliations. And one way or another…they will get a message through for you.

We are currently creating a compilation of EVP’s pertaining to “thoughts” and Angelic messages and will be posting them in the near future.

Thank you for your patience!