Couple have been experiencing entities that follow them.
We have proof that one of them is Alex’s great grandfather!

See what we have captured in this short 45 minute investigation and answer some of the family’s questions.

Can entities actually be preventing accidents?
We think this is exactly what has happened when nail polish bottles fell to the floor
in the bathroom and broke…making sure that no one would get hurt in the future!
EVP says “Thank You” when this is acknowledged as an act of spirit kindness.


We help a family wanting to receive a message from their son who passed away three years ago…
hear what we captured in time for Mother’s Day. The day after the investigation, Brandon see’s their son “Jimmy” jogging down the street then he disappeared without a trace! An affirmation that their son is now without limits and free.

We also received additional confirmation that we are being helped by Alisha…as she tells Jo that she is at her arm, while Jill captures the anomaly.

We received the name behind the disembodied voice when Jo describes a paranormal encounter in her own home. You will hear “Greg” the nickname of Brandon’s shadow man who resided in their Ojai house…looks like he moved with them!

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Simi Valley Residence Ventura County 3 30 2014

Ojai Paranormal Investigators Investigate Port Hueneme March 22 2013 The lost files…
Ok…not really lost…Client found two 1930’s glass lamps in his attic after hearing loud unexplained banging sound. He brought the lamps downstairs and found a newspaper article from 1962 poking out from its hiding place inside the lamp base…about convicted murderers. Then finds an obituary/newspaper article about a plane crash killing a family of five. All of the names in the newspaper correlate with the names we captured through EVP’s in our investigation!

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Port Hueneme Residence

During our reveal at the Ventura County Restaurant we thought we should record the session to see if any other messages would come through.

Two of the EVP’s captured in initial investigation were for that of an employee named Krista. It turns out that “Kiki” was a nickname her grandmother “Barbara” used to call her!

We also received a message from Jill’s daughter Alisha “I’m in Heaven” and
from Jo “JoJo’s” brother “George”. Spirits seem to call Jo by her full name
Joanne and it is evident in both investigation and reveal.

Check out what else the spirits had to say while they watched the reveal with us…and hear their interaction and comments!

We are always amazed at each investigation.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators Ventura County Restaurant REVEAL

Upscale restaurant owners and their employees have been experiencing paranormal activity; disembodied voices, sounds of footsteps, loud unexplained noises and kitchen items being thrown.

During our investigation we capture several EVP’s including a full name…could he be the man who passed away in the restaurant?

We reveal our evidence…

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Ventura County Restaurant March 2014

Each investigation is unique. We are grateful that our clients allowed us to upload the entire EVP’s collected on this investigation.

We successfully captured many of their relatives voices. Most surprisingly, phantom sounds were caught as the client relayed her story.

A close friend of the family who died two years ago, came through to let them know she’s okay now.

A message for the next investigation came through from a female EVP “I’m free Artie”…confirming that their mom is now ok from the
debilitating health issues she once had.

OPI thanks Jills daughter Alisha, my brother George and spirits for aiding us in our investigations.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Channel Islands Residential

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Newhall residence. Everything the family said they were experiencing we were able to capture audio evidence. Could we have captured their grandfather and grandmothers’ voice and the voice of a soldier, and a young girl. We also caught the voice of a man who remodeled their home only he isn’t quite agreement with the new owner of the house.

Please use headphones. Class A EVP’s.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Newhall residence. EVP evidence only.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Ojai Village Pharmacy additional EVP’s captured before official video investigation started. Please use headphones.

Every case becomes our favorite.
Thank you to Dr. Fred and Nancy!

And to the spirits who reside at OVP.

Ojai Paranormal Investigators at Ojai Village Pharmacy additional EVP’s Part 3 of 3

Ventura City Hall female evp response

Antique Store Helpful Spirit