Ojai Paranormal Investigatos at City Hall Ventura, Part II, 3rd floor. We captured a female EVP saying “It’s mine” in response to Jill saying that it was probably from the concrete after she and Brandon captured the anomaly on video and digital camera. Notice the orb shape at the bottom of photo…nice catch!

Ojai Paranormal Investigators City Hall Ventura, 3rd Floor Orb Photos

In this remarkable photo taken by Jill with her digital camera you will see five faces which at first appeared as orbs.
Three faces are Jill’s family members who have passed, including her daughter Alisha at a younger age during her life.
The fourth face is Jill’s husband’s Auntie Doe, and the fifth is his good friend who had passed away sixth months before this photo was taken!

Orb Photo with Five Faces

This is a photo of a haunted house!

Haunted House