Investigation Procedures

1. OPI Investigator will conduct an over the phone interview with you and schedule investigation.

2. Investigation takes approximately 1-2 hours.
• Friday and Saturday evening appointments only.
• Day appointments on weekends are also available.

3. Investigation is free of charge.
However, we reserve the right to video tape and use any footage for useage on website, radio, youtube or television.
Your identity and exact location will always be kept confidential, unless authorized by you.

4. Unlike the original ghost hunting shows on television, we are a small group and use uninvasive hand held equipment.
We conduct a base line reading of electrical or magnetic output in the areas that you are experiencing activity.
Then the investigation will begin.

5. Clients remain with us and assist during the investigation

6. Allow one to two weeks after the investigation for video and audio analysis.

7. A final follow-up appointment for the “Reveal” will be made. We will watch and discuss the relevancy of the evidence with you. You will receive a copy of the DVD with detailed transcript.