Ojai Paranormal Investigators check out the Bella Maggiore Inn, Ventura, California! Known for its ghostly guests, we can say for certain…this place is HAUNTED!
This is Jo! (apologies in advance, I edited the beginning of the video)
In the beginning you will see that Cindi, the manager was showing us some of the hot spots when we caught an anomoly before our investigation began. We have no explanation as to why the video camera was out of focus. After video analysis, we found a female evp moan and then the camera went back into focus. Could it have been the Bella Maggiore’s famous “Crying Woman!” making her appearance?

Check out the EVP’s we captured during the investigation. Listen closely, of course!

We want to thank The Bella Maggiore Inn for allowing us access to investigate!

Whether you’re a ghost hunting enthusiast or skeptic, OPI suggests adding this stop to the top of your list when visiting California!

OPI Investigates The Bella Maggiore Inn, Ventura, CA